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Meilai Rags

At Meilai Rags we deconstruct your unwanted garments and resurrect them.

Our mission is to create one of kind pieces  for the chic, fearless, trendsetting individuals: vagabonds of fashion who refuse to follow the crowd and set their own personal style. We do not mass produce any of our garments. Everything is made from a small production in the U.S. using materials found at Americas wastelands. Each garment is made individually for you from vintage fabrics. We bring exclusivity to your wardrobe. So when your friend  says ”I want one just like that!” you can kindly say……

“Sorry I’m the only one who owns this”.

Ashlee Espinoza

Is the founder and designer of Meilai Rags. 

Established 2010 

Learn more about Ashlee in her RAW interview 



2012 Glamour Pairs.. Best short for summer 

2014 Fashion Show for Raw "Best Of"     

Meilai Rags for Posso