We Specialize In Making Customized Clothing

Did you see something you liked but not in your size or simply just wanted a customized piece? we can totally do that for you! All you need to is fill out the bottom box with details on what piece you would like customized for you and the questions below and we will get back to you in 1-3 days with quote.

Customized Jackets

Have a denim jacket and your favorite flannel that your dying to combined into one?

Well send them our way and we can do just that for you. Send us both your pieces and we can create any flannel jacket you want. Have only a denim jacket or flannel? That's ok! for an extra cost we can find the second missing piece to your jacket. 


Customized Jeans

We specialize in customized high waisted and low waisted boyfriend jeans. If you have a pair of  old denim that fit you perfectly and you want them resurrected into one of our must have denim designs all you have to do is send them to us and we can create your dream jeans. We have limited supply of vintage fabric for pockets so please include the material desired for your denim. We can change your skinny or baggy denim to your liking. 


Customized Shorts

Have a pair of denim pants that fit your booty perfect and wish you could transform them into your favorite shorts?

We got your back, or rather your butt. whether they are high waisted and tight fitting or loose and low rise we can distress and work our magic  and create the one of a kind shorts you have been dreaming about!  We have limited supply of vintage fabric for pockets so please include the material desired for your shorts.




The Process

We ask that you fill out the box below with your information and description of what  you are sending us to create for you. If for example you have a flannel and are looking for a denim jacket for us to make a flannel jacket with, send us an attached photo of the garment that you will be sending with specific sizes of the garment we need to seek out for you. We will get back to you with a quote in 3 business days and go further with the process of creating your garment. Please note that if you have only one piece of an item we do require a non refundable deposit before we seek out the second piece  to add on.

Customized Floor Length Flannels

We can turn your visions to reality. All you gotta do is send us two button ups and we can create a floor length flannel JUST for you. We do suggest using loose fitting flannels and possibly one solid, but remember this is your customization... so do what YOU want. 




Pricing On Custom Orders

Pricing will all be different depending on what garment you would like us to customize for you. A set price per product will be sent in the quote and it will depend on if we need to seek out any added garments or not. If we do a deposit will have to be made before we start the process of seeking the product out. Both the price for shipping to our headquarters and back is purchased by the customer as it is worked into the price. Email us and we can go over everything with you! 


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