Sunday Vibes

Sam Hobson who is a mastermind when it comes to styling and renowned photographer Sam Elkins are an amazing team that recently curated a shoot using Meilai Rags.  

We love that she used the patchwork denim and sweaters to make a comfy yet casual outfit. She also placed one of our older designed sweaters with a great outfit really showing how you can play with texture. 

Check out what they created below! 

Checkout more information on these creatives.. 

Photographer // @samuelelkins

Stylist // @samhobson_slc_stylist

Model // @Karleeana


Much Love and Sass 

Meilai Rags 


Sundance was yet another success! We are sending so much love and light to those who came out and shopped with us! To those of you who were introduced to us this last weekend, We can’t wait to blow your minds with new product!

We will still have our line in Farasha Boutique located on Main street in Park City. If you have not gone into Farasha you are missing out! They carry local and global emerging designers. It's a shop that adds some serious sass to your closet while keeping it fresh with a new designers. Not only that ,but the owner Vanessa is such a badass! Talk about feminine power ladies! She is such a smart business woman with a great personality and sense of humor. The girls that work there are amazing as well. You really can't go wrong. 

pop in and say hello! 


Our Blog Picks!

We would lie to say we don't enjoy sitting in our work space and getting really inspired by blogs and babes with rad style! For a number of reasons we have put together a list of our fav bloggers and why we love them so much! We feel it is important to be inspired and stay inspired by the dope creatures around us. Hats off to you.


This girl is a BADASS! She always has a great mixture of vintage to new looks. She is effortless in her looks and always has fun textures on! We love to see what she mixes up for the week. We love her sense of style and how every outfit is always making you want EVERYTHING she has on. Not to mention her array of inspo posts are stellar and great to get you in the "Stylist" mood.

2 Hause of Nug

We straight UP adore this little nugget! Shes got an awesome sense of style with a bitch'n life! You just want to hang out with her and play dress up! Plus all her friends are babes! She has a great way of playing with the not so typical outfit. She's fun and unique and its awesome! Fashion should be fun and you should never take yourself to seriously! 

3. Sara Rash

Sara Rash is a DOLL! She  is a pro at layering!  She always gives us great ideas to layer pieces we never even thought of! Plus her vintage twist is always the cutest. She is a great read for any girl.

4. The River Wolf 

Everyone has that friend, beautiful olive skin and colored long hair with the COOLEST clothes! Lo is that girl! Her mixture of rad style always  turns out awesome! Shes that Unif/Urban Outfitter chic. She's cool and casual with some spunk! We dig it! 

Every month we will feature a short list of blogs to checkout! There are a lot of blogger these days. We appreciate the girls going outside the box! 



Denim Girls 101


We found this adorable girl at the mall in SLC rocking her patchwork denims jeans! We love how she placed them with her moccasins and slouchy shirt! 

We wanted to take a moment te tell you why these jeans are legitimately amazing! Not only are they vintage so they are worn in and comfortable as hell, but we have also started changing the fit of these bad boys. We have made them more slimming in the leg so you are able to wear them with any show easily without having to worry about all that bulk at the bottom.  Plus you can pair these with heels for a dressed up look, boots for a grunge feel or your fav mocks like seen here. THE BEST PART, they are one of a kind! Many companies do boyfriend cutt jeans however there thousands of the same pairs made. We not only create a one of a kind cut with these, we also add vintage fabrics. We take dresses, sheets, shirts and other garments with mouth watering patterns and rework it into your denim. 

Shop these on our website and our retailers located on the "Purchase At" tab! 



BTS: Boss Girl Set

How it's made..

You want to know how we turn your average button up and trousers into our Boss Girl Sets?

 We can't tell you all of our secrets, but we can give you an idea of what the process of this resurrection is!

1. First things first, We go to the wasteland to find fun button ups and the perfect fitting vintage trousers! We sort through racks and piles to find the good stuff. We use flannels, silk button ups and vintage blouses.

2. We have our own pattern for trousers. Depending on the material, some have a high front hems and lower back hems. With this fit you can show off your legs and cover your bum!

3. We than crop our blouse and take the extra material to make a pattern for the lining of the bottom of our shorts! 

After we have our two pieces  put together, we than work our magic to finishing this amazing creation to a matching set. 

The Boss Girl Set can be worn separate or together as a set. These are great in summer with a heel or boot. In the winter layer these bad boys with your favorite trench coat and nylons. Not to mention you are the only one with this particular set. It's really awesome to know that NOBODY has what you have. All sets are original.

Shop our Boss Girl Sets Here



Fall 2014 Editorial

The Golden Hour

We were absolutely stoked to work with Kaycee Landsaw on our first lookbook for our new website. Kaycee is most known for taking photos of Johnny Bones. Johnny Bones is a mob of daredevils on motorcycles who want as much as they can get out of life. Pretty much every girls dream guy. Check out a member of Johnny Bones who modeled for us on in our lookbook while burning rubber!

OK... you can stop drooling now.

Kaycee created an awesome lookbook for us that you can check out on our website.


Go check out his website and the rest of his work!

Kaycee Landsaw


Much love and sass