BTS: Boss Girl Set

How it's made..

You want to know how we turn your average button up and trousers into our Boss Girl Sets?

 We can't tell you all of our secrets, but we can give you an idea of what the process of this resurrection is!

1. First things first, We go to the wasteland to find fun button ups and the perfect fitting vintage trousers! We sort through racks and piles to find the good stuff. We use flannels, silk button ups and vintage blouses.

2. We have our own pattern for trousers. Depending on the material, some have a high front hems and lower back hems. With this fit you can show off your legs and cover your bum!

3. We than crop our blouse and take the extra material to make a pattern for the lining of the bottom of our shorts! 

After we have our two pieces  put together, we than work our magic to finishing this amazing creation to a matching set. 

The Boss Girl Set can be worn separate or together as a set. These are great in summer with a heel or boot. In the winter layer these bad boys with your favorite trench coat and nylons. Not to mention you are the only one with this particular set. It's really awesome to know that NOBODY has what you have. All sets are original.

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