Denim Girls 101


We found this adorable girl at the mall in SLC rocking her patchwork denims jeans! We love how she placed them with her moccasins and slouchy shirt! 

We wanted to take a moment te tell you why these jeans are legitimately amazing! Not only are they vintage so they are worn in and comfortable as hell, but we have also started changing the fit of these bad boys. We have made them more slimming in the leg so you are able to wear them with any show easily without having to worry about all that bulk at the bottom.  Plus you can pair these with heels for a dressed up look, boots for a grunge feel or your fav mocks like seen here. THE BEST PART, they are one of a kind! Many companies do boyfriend cutt jeans however there thousands of the same pairs made. We not only create a one of a kind cut with these, we also add vintage fabrics. We take dresses, sheets, shirts and other garments with mouth watering patterns and rework it into your denim. 

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