What happens if a garment I wanted is not on the website anymore?

If there was a piece that you wanted and you no longer see it.. chances are someone has purchased it. ALL of our garments are one of a kind. If you wanted a custom garment you will need to contact us and we can help you with creating the pieces you initially wanted. 

Can you remake a garment that I loved, but sold before I could purchase it?

Remember that all our products are re purposed therefore one of a kind. We can try and find similar colors or shapes as to what you liked most about the product. As far as duplicating a product we simply can not. We use limited vintage fabric and mismatched garments from the wastelands. PLUS...  your garment wouldn't be a one of a kind if we were able to duplicate it.

How can I be sure that all the garments are in reasonable condition due to them being second hand?

We purchase only pieces that are in 100% wearable condition with no flaws. A tear here or a rip there done by ourselves to give a garment character is done throughout the denim products. You wont be receiving any soiled or  unwearable pieces. Even our hand picked section is carefully examined before we purchase the product.  


How do I figure out my size with your reworked vintage denim?

We have designed a chart to make things easy when it comes to sizing. We want it to be a piece of cake for you to figure out if  these pieces will fit you properly. We use LEVI sizes as comparison to the sizes of our denim. If you have a pair or are able to try a pair on we highly suggest it. If you already own a pair of mid/high waisted jeans, stretch the waist out and measure in inches and locate your size below. If you have questions on specific sizing please feel free to email us at meilairags@gmail.com.

SIZE   (INCHES)      US          UK         AUS          FRANCE       ITALY    JAPAN

  XXS      24               0            4              4              32             36, 38           3

  XS     25, 26            2            6              6              34             38                  5

   S      27, 28            4            8              8              36              40                 7

  M     29, 30            6            10            10            38              42                 9

  L         30                8            12            12            40             44                 11

  XL     31, 32          10          14            14              42             46                13


                               US 00 - 25" waist, approx. 32” hips 
                               US 0 - 26" waist, approx. 34” hips 
                               US 2 - 28" waist, approx. 36” hips 
                               US 4 - 30" waist, approx. 38” hips 
                               US 6 - 31" waist, approx. 40” hips
                               US 8 - 32" waist, approx. 42” hips
                               US 10 - 34" waist, approx. 44” hips
                               US 12 - 36" waist, approx. 46” hips
                               US 14 - 38" waist, approx. 48” hips

What if I am in between sizes? 

We do suggest going slightly bigger if you feel you are in between sizes. When it comes to our boyfriend jeans you want them to be slightly bigger for that ultra boyfriend fit in which we have already rounded the sizes to fit you perfectly. If you are purchasing high waisted denim shorts we also suggest a bigger size due to the smaller waist size in vintage denim. 


I have a body type that is not listed. How can I get a pair that fit me perfectly?

All you gotta do is email us with your sizing and we can make a CUSTOM pair for you in your size. Please allow several days to find the denim with your particular measurements and you will have to put a deposit down before we go scouting. Look in the TAILORED MEILAI tab below  for further details.










How much is shipping?

shipping runs about $6- $8 depending on what garment you have purchased. You will not pay for additional shipping if you purchase two or more garments however. We do ship internationally.

When will my order ship?

Your order usually takes up to three days to go through. Once we have received the funds for your order we then ship out your product the same day. If there are any problems in your purchase not going through we will contact you immediately.


How do I make a return?

Easy! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your one of a kind product. We give you 14 days after receiving the product to return. Simply email us a meilairags@gmail.com with an attachment of your receipt document  and let us know why the garment didn't work out for you! We will ask you send the product back to a provided address and once we receive the the package we refund you the same day. The customer is reasonable for the shipping charges back to MEIALI RAGS,

How do I make an exchange?

We also do exchanges. if there was a different product you wanted in place of the one you purchased we give you 14 days after you have received the package to email us with the exchange. You would than send the product back and we will send you the product you wanted in place of. Customer pays for shipping and handling back to us as well as shipping for the new order. Just email us at meilairags@gmail.com  with a document of your receipt attached to the email. 


How long do returns and exchanges take?

Depending on what process you choose, Upon receiving your return please allow 10 business days for the funds to pass back to your account. Exchanges will take two days after we receive your exchange.


Do you accept wholesale inquires?

Wholesale lists are provided upon request. Please email us at meilairags@gmail.com with info on your store and location. Tell us about yourself and why Meilai Rags is a good fit for your store. We will then send you a wholesale list if we feel your store fits our brand.



My publication would like to feature Meilai Rags. 

That's great! We are open to anyone who would like to feature us. Please email meilairags@gmail.com with  info on your publication and what you were interested in featuring! 


because we are affordable, sustainable and fashionable with newer trends WE make. We are not massed produced so no children or factory workers were involved and your piece is a one of a kind. We spend our time searching for the products in wasteland, bring it on home and resurrect it to a new and improved piece. The process is dope and you will feel dope in it!